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Group Members

(Partial List)

Rick Strickland (1986-1987)
Terry Davis (1987-1990)
Frank Seamans (1990-1994)
Terry White (1994-1996)
Drew Cline (1996-????)

Pat Hoffmaster (????-1987)
Scott Fowler (1987-1990)
Rob Mills (1990-1993)
Brad Parsley (1993)
Kelly Kirschmann (1993-1998)

Sean Riley (????-????)
Craig Hodges (????-1989)
Brent Sparks (1989-1991)
Duane Blease (1991-????)

Jess Farmer (1982-1986)
Mike Presnell (1987-1989)
Jeff Chapman (1990-1991)

David Foster (????-????)
John Sommer (????-????)

The Sound (1982-????)


1986 The World Needs To Hear (Eagle One Records/790072-001-4): Blessed Shall You Be; I Gave Up; Here Comes The Bride; I've Got An Old Time Religion; Bought By The King; I'm Gonna Be Ready; Member Of Broken Wings; We Shall Reign; Hill Of Hope; Let's Cross Over To Jesus' Side (Rick Strickland, Pat Hoffmaster, Sean Avery, Jess Farmer, David Foster).

1987 Take A Little Time (Masterpiece Records/MRC91589): America, There Is Hope; Take A Little Time; Worthy; Then Came Jesus; Jesus Saves; Walls Of Jericho; Send Down The Chariot; He Holds The Key; I Feel His Fire Burning; Leaning On The Arms (Terry Davis, Scott Fowler, Craig Hodges and Mike Presnell).

1988 Back By Popular Demand (Masterpiece Records): I Can See The Hand; Jesus Stepped On The Scales With Me; Daddy's Road Of Love; He's Coming Back By Poplar Demand; It's Almost Wedding Day; Up In Chicago; I Wasn't There; Are You Ready; Power In His Name; Real Joy (Terry Davis, Scott Fowler, Craig Hodges and Mike Presnell).

1989 By Request (Terry Davis, Scott Fowler, Craig Hodges and Mike Presnell).

1992 God's Bigger Than That (Dove Music/192-103D): God's Bigger Than That; Praise Medley; In The Midst Of The Storm; Warming Up; You Alone Are Worthy; You're My Inspiration; Until Day Four; His Blood Still Covers Me; Living Water, Bread Of Life; I Turn To Him (Frank Seamans, Rob Mills, Duane Blease, John Sommer).

1993 Count It All... Joy! (Landmark Group): Somebody Say Amen; Count It All Joy; His Word; In The World; He Is Here; The View From Here; There Is Hope; Up On The Mountain; So Great Salvation; That's When I Need You Most (Frank Seamans, Kelly Kirschmann, Duane Blease, John Sommer).
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