"One Day" (J D Sumner)

  • Blackwood Brothers (1962 Silver Anniversary Album; 1964 The Best Of The Blackwood Brothers Quartet; 1990 Blackwood Brothers Classics, Vol. 2; 1991 Blackwood Brothers Classics, Vol. 4)
  • Carroll Roberson (???? I'll Sing For Him)
  • Couriers (1964 We've Gotta Sing)
  • Crabb Family (2006 Blur The Lines)
  • Greenes (2000 So Happy)
  • Inspirations (1989 What's That I Hear?)
  • James Blackwood (1985 The Masters V Present 50 Golden Years With The Fabulous James Blackwood)
  • Messengers (1970 From The Hearts Of)

"One Day" (Jon Park Wheeler)

"One Day" (Vaughn Thacker/Chestnut Mound Music/BMI)

"One Day"

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