(l-r) Hal Tomlinson, Thurman Bunch, Erman Bunch, and Dale Bishop with pianist Wally Varner seated in front

Group Members

(Partial List)

Thurman Bunch (1957-1959)

Erman Bunch (1957-1959)

Hal Tomlinson (1955-1963)

Dale Bishop
Bert Gibson
Fulton Nash (1959)

Wally Varner
Melda Bigham
Newman Miller (1958)
David Ingles (1959)

1959 - (l-r) Fulton Nash, David Ingles, Thurman Bunch, Erman Bunch, Hal Tomlinson

Jubil-Aires Quartet (1955-1963)

The Jubil-Aires Quartet of Houston, Texas operated from the mid-1950s through the early 1960s with Hal Tomlinson at the helm. In 1957, twins Thurman and Erman Bunch joined the Jubil-Aires. Well-known pianist Wally Varner played for this lineup before moving on to the Blackwood Brothers by late October, 1958.

Soon after Varner left, the Bunch twins joined the Plainsmen Quartet. Newspaper ads for the Jubil-Aires seem to have dried up from 1959 through 1962. A few ads appeared again in early 1963, but by late fall they were referred to as the "Foggy River Boys of Houston, Texas, formerly known as the Jubil-Aires Quartet."

Other members of the Jubil-Aires were bass singers Bert Gibson, Fulton Nash, and Dale Bishop; and pianists Melda Bigham and David Ingles.

Other Jubilaires

There was a Jubilaires aka Jubalaires black gospel group from the early 1940s through the mid-1950s. They were regulars on several CBS radio network shows including the Arthur Godfrey show. They recorded on Decca, Capitol, Queen, and Crown record labels. Some members over the years in included Caleb Ginyard, Jr., Ted Brooks, Orville Brooks, George McFadden, John Jennings, Bill Johnson, and Everett Barksdale.

A Jubilaires operated from San Diego, California for many years, one lineup of which included Bob Williams, Jack Jay, Don Williams, Chuck de la Bretonne, and Beverly de la Bretonne.

During the early 1960s, there was a Jubilaires Quartet out of Fort Worth that included Larry Housewright, Bill Munday, Maxine Crittenden, and Ron Crittenden (who also sang with the Chuck Wagon Gang).

In 1961, a Jubilaires quartet based in Birmingham, Alabama included Al Harkins (tenor), Rick Maze (lead), Ken Wallis (baritone and pianist), and Ellis Hill (bass).

There have been many other singing groups that have used some variation of the Jubilaires name including several current groups.

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