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199? Little At A Time (Lifeline Records TRS-0033): Little At A Time; They Crucified The Rose; Heaven Is A Much Sweeter Place; He's Coming Back Someday; Gloryland March; Hallelujah Our Lord Is Risen; My Lord Is There Too; Old Jed; Just Another Hill; Thank You Lord For Loving Me. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, and Jeff Easter, Kenneth Barrier, Jimmy Edmonds).

199? Songs Of The Louvin Brothers: I Love My God; Let Us Travel On; I'll Just Steal Away And Pray; Just Suppose; Thank God For My Christian Home; We're Just Rehearsing; If We Forget God; Where Will You Build; I Can't Say No; Is This Your Last Chance To Pray. (Russell, James Ed, Russell Jr, and Jeff Easter, Jimmy Edmonds).

199? I'll Live Again In Glory (Lifeline Records 16923): I'll Live Again In Glory; Give Me Your Hand; My Ship's At Anchor; Paul And Silas; Will You Meet Me Over Yonder; He Set Me Free; Where The Soul Never Dies; God Laid His Hand On My Heart; He Picked Me Up; He's Coming Home Today. (Russell, James, and Ed Easter, Johnny Taylor).

199? We're Gonna Make It (Lifeline Records LL00456: We're Gonna Make It; Hallelujah I'm Ready; How Can You Turn Him Down; My Mansion Will Never Be For Sale; Fallen Leaves; Tear Stains On Mama's Bible; Closer To You Lord; I Want My Light To Shine; Looking Back At Calvary. (Russell, Russell Jr, and Ed Easter, Jeff Tolbert, Jimmy Edmonds).

199? If I Could Order Christmas (Lifeline Records C-2589): Silent Night; Deck The Halls; That's Why There's A Christmas Day; The Friendly Beast; Wish Mom A Merry Christmas; If I Could Order Christmas; If The Snow Don't Fall For Christmas; Joy To The World; Away In A Manger; Hello Mr Santa Claus. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, and Jason Easter, Jeff Tolbert).

199? Wore Out: Wore Out; He Cared For Me; Don't Overlook Your Blessings; Jesus Pilots My Ship; Apple Tree; I've Got More To Go To Heaven For; The Day He Saved Me; Paul's Ministry; Please Search The Book Again; Jesus Signed My Pardon; Will Kids Be Like Grownups In Heaven; Come Morning; One Day At A Time; I've Been Touched. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, and Jason Easter).

199? Happy Are The Days (Lifeline Records TRS-LL8910): Jesus Is Living In Me; Sleep On And Take Your Rest; When The Saints Go Marching In; Lord I Want To Go To Heaven; Forgive Me When I Whine; Heaven's Coming Down; Just A Little Place; Don't Say No Again Tonight; Happy Are The Days; The Good Old Days. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, and Jason Easter).

199? Songs That Will Never Grow Old: Amazing Grace; Old Camp Meeting Days; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; What A Friend We Have In Jesus; Where Could I Go; How Great Thou Art; Leaning On Jesus; The Old Rugged Cross; Gethsemane; Gone. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, and Roger Easter, Jeff Tolbert).

199? Troops Are Coming Home: The Troops Are Coming Home; Heaven Is Waiting; I Wouldn't Miss It For The World; Daybreak In Heaven; He Really Cares; When We Get Home; I Didn't Leave Like I Came; Walking In Papa's Footsteps; He's Everything I Need; Oh Lord You've Been So Good. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, Jeff, and Jason Easter, Jimmy Edmonds).

199? Song Of Songs: I Like To Hear Them Preach It; I'm On The Last Mile; You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover; I'm Looking For The Man; Song Of Songs; I've Been Washed In The Blood; While On His Way To The Cross; A Sinner's Trial; I Traded The Whole World For The Bible; I Feel A Brand New Blessing Coming On. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, and Jason Easter).

199? I'm Still On The Rock: I'm Still On The Rock; Walking In The Spirit; At The Foot Of The Cross; Teenage Christian; The Lord's Got His Eyes On Me; There's A Better Life; I'm The Clay In Your Hands; No Survivors; The Great Speckled Bird; Lights In The Valley. (Russell, James, Ed, Russell Jr, Jason, and Josh Easter).

1996 The Sun's Still Shining In The Valley (Lifeline Records 412696.11): I'm Still On The Rock; Jesus Saw You Light The Flame; I'm The Clay In Your Hands; Footsteps Up Calvary; Troublesome Waters Under My Feet; You Ought've Been There; The Sun's Still Shining In The Valley; Show Me The Way; There's A Better Life; Oh Lord You've Been So Good; The Lord's Got His Eyes On Me; Wore Out; Lord I Can't Picture Me Without You; Sixty Four Roses; If It Ain't One Thing It's Another; Jesus Hold My Hand; I Want To Live Just For Him. (Russell, James, Ed, Steve, and Jeff Easter).

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