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Robert Fulton (2017-2018) (only filled in temporarily until a permanent tenor was hired)
Rick Vance (2018-present)

Joseph Offenberger (2017-2018)
Jonathan Thompson (2018-2020)

Terry Carter (2017-present)

Will Lane (2017-2019)
Tim Perry (2019-present)

Joe Lane (2017-present)

Bass Guitar
Gaylan Drye (2017-2020)

Port City Quartet (2017-present)

Port City Quartet was formed by Will Lane and Terry Carter after both men left the Anchormen in 2017. The group's first performance was held in late December of 2017 with former Gold City member Robert Fulton filling the tenor spot and Joseph Offenberger singing lead alongside Carter (baritone) and Lane (bass). Musicians included Joe Lane at keyboard and Gaylan Drye playing bass guitar. Both Lane and Drye had played previously for Jordan's Bridge. Fulton's employment was only temporary until a permanent tenor could be hired. In early 2018, the membership of Port City Quartet was complete with the addition of tenor singer Rick Vance.


2018 Run On: Run On; Had It Not Been; Iím Gonna Live Forever; Iím Free; Wedding Music; Lonesome Road; Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me; First Day In Heaven; O What A Savior; What A Morning; I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary; Bonus Track: The Will Lane Menu/By Special Request.
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Page last modified on July 20, 2020, at 10:32 PM EST