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circa 2017


Jimmy Henegan (1977-1978)
Paul Guillot (1979-1989)
Raymond Poe (1989-2003)
Jeremy Peace (2003-2004)
Jeremy Partlow (2004-2006)
Jonathan Price (2006-2007)
Randall Garland (2007-2012)
Stan Watson (2013-2015)
Matthew Esquivel (2015-2017)
Garry Smith (2017)
Ron Higgins (2017-present)

Darrell Henegan (1977-1979)
Tommy Hall (1979-1995) (also played piano)
Randy Pendland (1996-2002)
Ryan Napier (2002-2012)
Joe Kitson (2012-2013) (switched to baritone)
Dodd Meadows (2013-2015) (also played piano)
Jamie Streetman (2015-2017)
Keith Gilliam (2017-2019)
Mark Green (2019-present)

Johnny Henegan (1977-1981)
Reece Ward (1981-1997)
Chris Hoke (1997-2005)
Christopher Reed (2005-2006)
Chad Stephenson (2006-2013)
Joe Kitson (2013) (switched from lead)
Dennis King (2013-2015)
Brad Davis (2015-present)

Rod Treme (1977-Present)

Tommy Hall (1978-1995) (also sang lead)
Dodd Meadows (2012-2015) (also sang lead)

Paul's Journey (1977-Present)


Paul's Journey formed in 1977 as the Relations Quartet. All of the group members were related to each other in the beginning (Jimmy, Darrell and Johnny Henegan were brothers, while Rod Treme was their cousin), hence the name. In 2008, the group name was changed to Paul's Journey.

Bass vocalist Rod Treme has sung with the group since their beginning. Paul's Journey is based in Texas.

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Page last modified on March 26, 2019, at 08:18 PM EST