Fred Stamps Martin (1916 - 2010)


Fred Stamps Martin was born in Linden, Texas. He attended singing schools conducted by V O Stamps of the Stamps-Baxter Music and Printing Company, where he played the accordion.

As an advanced student, he accompanied Stamps and performed at state and local singing conventions. In the mid-1930s, around the age of fourteen, Martin became a member of the V O Stamps Quartet where he was the lead singer and played the accordion. He is typically billed as "Freddie" Martin during this time. Newspaper accounts of the period referred to Martin as the foster son of V O Stamps. Future V O Stamps Quartet pianist, Imperial Quartet organizer, and SGMA Hall of Fame member Marion Snider studied piano under the direction of Martin who was still a teen at the time.

Martin later became a member of a western singing group called the Cass County Boys and played the accordion and sang with Gene Autry on his radio programs. The Cass County Boys also appeared in several of Autry’s western movies where Martin acted, played and sang billed as Fred S. Martin.

In 2010, Fred Martin died in Concord, California at the age of 94.

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