David Mann


David Mann has sang baritone for two different groups led by Mark Blackwood, the Blackwood Gospel Quartet and the Blackwood Quartet. His first full time gig was the Blackwood Gospel Quartet.

In 2011 he joined his then-brothers-in-law, Joe and Jacob Kitson, as baritone for their trio, Statement Of Faith Trio. He stayed on board with that trio after they changed their name to Promise Trio and eventually became the lead singer and manager for it.

He left Promise in 2013 and joined the Blackwood Quartet as Baritone, but was later forced to take time off the road when he sustained lung damage thanks to inhaling bus fumes. In 2014 he returned to the road, but his voice had changed thanks to his recuperation and he now had a better bass range, allowing him to become the bass singer. He left the Blackwood Quartet in January of 2017.

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